The next generation modern electrical switches have revolutionised the electrical sphere. The ones that are now introduced in the market are safe and easy to use. In addition to the safety standpoint, these switches are available in a range of beautiful wall mounting options that make the home look beautiful with its excellent aesthetics and not like the switches we have used previously.

The switches that were used in households earlier have now been revamped to eliminate the challenges faced by people earlier. Here are some of the features that make the new age switches, sockets and accessories more viable than the existing ones:

Safety loaded features: Smart electrical switches keep our life hazard free; thus, in these switches safety always comes first. Smart switches have safety shutter sockets, which closes automatically when not in use. These sockets are even more useful with homes where kids and elderly people reside.

UV rays resistant: One of the major threats in the environment is the UV rays. The modern electrical fixtures that are placed outside in the direction of sunlight are safe from any cracks or damages. While searching online, one might find switches that do not crack or melt even when under extreme sunlight. These switches are made of high-quality material thus, durable.

Ease of installation: The modern electrical switches offer ease of installation. These switches come with loading installation pack of a switch, mount plate, and screws. The person can easily remove or add a specific part in case of damage. Moreover, if the switchboard undergoes a breakdown, it is not required to change the entire board. New parts can be brought and assembled there and then to keep the switchboard working.

Soft Switching Mechanism: Unlike the traditional hard button clicking of switches, the modern day switches are effortless. They come with soft switching mechanism making the operation soft, smooth and easy. Moreover, these switches do not produce an irritating humming sound that switches used earlier used to produce. With the help of soft switching mechanism in smart switches, the people can rest assured of the noise as well.

Design that suit every wall and texture: The electrical switches and sockets accessories are sleek and can be mounted on designer plates. There are numerous options available online with various designs and look astonishing on the walls of homes. The sleek and designer mounting plates give an elegant touch to the wall they are mounted on. These switches do not look odd on the wall; instead, it makes the wall and décor look more beautiful.

Additional features: When you buy modular switches online, you are bound to find features like sensors, schedulers, app-based controller and dimming controls in switches.

One of the biggest players in the production and supply for such switches and switchgear is Schneider Electric India. The company is a pioneer in engineering products and customise them as per the needs of modern-day households. If one wishes to buy electric switches online, the wide range includes:

  • NEO, which is a standalone residential lighting controller
  • ULTI, the range of dimming controllers
  • Opale, which is a range of satin finish switches for domestic installation
  • ZENcelo is the range of flat switches for people who wish to style their home in vogue

Revamping the house has been made easier with the stylish range of modular switches. Check the entire range and price of Schneider switches online!

Modular switches are at par from the traditional switches in households. The latest variety of electrical switches are relatively convenient, safe and easy to use. Having modern-day electric switches serve multiple purposes. Moreover, having it in place adds to a number of advantages like:

Elegant Design: Modular switches are available in various designs, styles, finishes and colours. These switches are stylish, appealing and designed to complement the interiors of the home and office as well. Having their versatile designing makes them a good fit for every design and people wish to opt for. People in the process of building new homes, or renovating their existing homes can look for designer switch plates, glass switch plates, colour blocked switch plates, etc.

Safe to Operate: One of the principal grounds for switching to modular switches is safety. The conventional switches were exposed to metal screws and wiring which stood a chance of causing a mishap or shock. On the other hand, the modular switches are free from any metallic parts on the switchboard. These switches ensure that there is no risk of electrical shock. Moreover, it is a sigh of relief for households with children. These switches are crafted out of high-quality material without any metal parts on the front face. Moreover, the sockets are shuttered which ensure that the children don’t hurt themselves accidentally.

Multi-Functional: The modular switches can be used for different applications, like automation, security and data transmission. These switches can be installed in different parts of the building in order to serve the different application. However, the main application of modular switches is to carry out heavy-duty applications. These switches offer immense flexibility as they are easy to install and remove.

Now that the advantages of having modular switches are clear, it is essential to know where can one find such switches. If one wishes to buy electrical switches online, it is essential to buy from a company that has a long standing in this field. One such company is Schneider Electric India offering a plethora of electrical switches which fits the need and requirement of every household. The range of Schneider switches include

  • NEO, which is a standalone residential lighting controller
  • ULTI, the range of dimming controllers
  • Opale, which is a range of satin finish switches for domestic installation
  • ZENcelo is the range of flat switches for people who wish to style their home in vogue

One can check for the entire range and price of switches online at Schneider eCommerce store and pick the best fit.

Founded in the early 1870s, the city of Wellington, occupies almost six square miles in the prairie plains of south-central Kansas. Often referred to as the Wheat Capital of the World, the city is also home to an 80-bed hospital, Sumner Regional Medical Center (SRMC). Located just 30 minutes from Wichita, Kansas, SRMC is the largest hospital between the Oklahoma border and Wichita, making this facility a critical resource in this area. This regional medical center provides inpatient,

Sumner Regional Medical Healthcare Facility Upgrade

outpatient, and emergency care to more than 15 communities in the surrounding area.

By 2009, SRMC faced growing concerns that its aging cooling equipment would not survive another summer with numerous days of triple-digit temperatures.

Facility improvements on a budget

The original cooling tower from the 1960s had long surpassed its useful life. Although the original facility design had called for two chillers, only one undersized chiller was in operation. Without a backup, the hospital would have to close if the aging system failed. SRMC also had to contend with increasing costs to maintain the cooling system, as well as extremely high utility consumption for a facility of its size. But with a budget stretched to its limit, capital reserves were unavailable to pay up front for facility improvements.

SRMC also had to contend with increasing costs to maintain the cooling system, as well as extremely high utility consumption for a facility of its size. But with a budget stretched to its limit, capital reserves were unavailable to pay up front for facility improvements.

Choosing the right performance contractor

The hospital board turned for assistance to the state’s Facility Conservation Improvement Program (FCIP). This streamlined program helps public agencies access financing for planning and implementing energy projects quickly and easily through performance contracting.

SRMC decision-makers interviewed three energy service companies (ESCOs) from the state’s pre-approved list of vendors. Ultimately, SRMC chose Schneider Electric to implement the performance contract because of its expertise and successful experience working with healthcare facilities to achieve targeted goals.

2019 Digital Transformation Benefits Report

Easier said than done

Schneider Electric faced a variety of challenges on this project — from completing the project in a facility occupied and running 24/7 … to fast-tracking the project to ensure the hospital was prepared to handle the next major cooling season.

After conducting a thorough audit of hospital facilities and systems, Schneider Electric analyzed the results and recommended that SRMC replace certain equipment and add some new capabilities. Then Schneider Electric tailored a plan to meet SRMC’s specific needs, as well as its budget.

The Schneider Electric team collaborated with the facilities staff to design the new chilled water system, manage the implementation of all upgrades and ensure continuity in daily operations. Sometimes that meant working at night and on weekends to install the new systems and capabilities.

Proactive solutions. Immediate results.

Achieving the desired results involved replacing the cooling system and related components to ensure employee and patient comfort. The new chiller provides the correct capacity for a facility this size, and the former chiller now serves as a backup.

Other improvements included leveraging the hospital’s investment by adding control points to the existing system, installing a more efficient domestic hot water storage system, and upgrading the air conditioning unit in the IT server room.

The performance contract provided a financing vehicle that enabled SRMC to proactively address its issues immediately. In less than a year after completing the project, SRMC began to realize the benefits of improved energy efficiency, operations, and comfort levels.

Get more info on Sumner Regional Medical Center’s healthcare facility improvements by accessing the full case study here

Kanika Kapila is a 2018 Go Green global finalist and now a Schneider Electric employee in Canada. Aside from work and school, she enjoys rock climbing, swing dancing, skiing and photography.

In this blog she describes her exciting journey from Go Green challenge to joining Schneider Electric teams in Canada.

Sharing passion for green and sustainable energy

Being a chemical engineering student at the University of Calgary I was fascinated by the oil and gas industry. I developed a huge interest in the green energy sector especially topics surrounding energy management, process optimization and creating a balance between the two industries to eventually lead our world towards sustainability.

Thanks again Henry Du for embarking on this incredible journey with me.

Therefore, to further my learning in that area of interest I decided to pair up my chemical engineering major with energy and environment engineering. This allowed me to I take part in several green projects on campus and with the city of Calgary. Just before I was thought it was time to wrap up my final year of engineering, the Go Green challenge caught my eye. I knew I had to participate and share my passion for green energy on a global platform.

Recycling greenhouse gas emissions into renewable products

To enter the competition our team had to write a business proposal to Schneider Electric. We had to explain our green idea and how it can make our city greener and sustainable. After hours of brainstorming and plenty of research, we proposed a design for a chemical process that would recycle greenhouse gas emissions released from the power plants and convert them into renewable products. The goal of our design was to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the power industry and decrease annual GHG emissions.

We did a detailed design and economic analysis to deem the process to be both technically and economically feasible. We submitted the business proposal and patiently waited for the results. I knew the competition was fierce. There were 20,000 applicants globally the year before! Therefore it was a total shock for me when we heard back from the organizers that our team was selected for the North American semi-finals and will be flying to Boston. I was on cloud nine and one step closer to the global platform.

Extremely honored to be announced the first runner up of the Go Green semi-finals by Annette Clayton, CEO of Schneider Electric North America.

Boston calling

I was super excited to fly to Boston. First of all I had the opportunity to learn more about Schneider Electric. Secondly, I networked with Schneider employees and learnt about their career paths. Also, we got a tour of Boston campus and learnt about fascinating technologies been implemented to make the building energy efficient. Finally I was absolutely wowed after listening to the business proposals presented by our fellow semi-finalists.

Overall it was an incredible learning experience for me. Our team was placed second in the semi-finals. We were recognized as the only Canadian team that qualified to the North American regional finals. The Boston trip ended with great learning experience, achievements, great friendship and memories I will cherish forever.

Thanks Joe Richard (our mentor) for all your support throughout Go Green journey.

First radio and TV interview

Just when I thought the Go Green chapter had closed another shocker came my way. I heard back from the Go Green organizers that our team made it to the finals through wild card entry. We were going to Atlanta to present our green idea. I couldn’t be happier. We started preparing day and night, reworking on the design, getting feedbacks from our mentor and improving every bit we can. Meanwhile, that was happening we did our first debut on radio and live TV media interviews. It was nerve wracking to be interviewed by Ted Henley on LIVE TV. Above all, this was the most exhilarating part of my entire GO GREEN journey.

Television Interview with Ted Henley

After all the hard-work and a huge support from our mentors (Mighty thanks to Joe Morris and Melanie Smith) it was time to fly to Atlanta for the BIG event. Besides the competition I had the opportunity to attend the Innovation Summit where professionals from all over North America and Schneider Electric’s partners came. I had an incredible amount of networking experience with the professionals, learn more about the company, it’s new product launches and mostly importantly EcoStruxture that can revolutionize the world of Digitization. My Atlanta trip ended with a lot of memories from the time spent the fellow competitors (I’d say friends lol), learnt about different cultures, incredible learning and networking experience from the innovation summit and travelling around the city. It was time to back to my work life and apply what I had learnt.

Starting a meaningful career with Schneider Electric

You must be wondering where I work? Right when my Go Green chapter with Schneider Electric was closing, my journey with Schneider Electric was just beginning. Well, that’s right, I now work for Schneider Electric. I couldn’t be happier to be part of Schneider Electric, a company that’s revolutionizing the world of digitization, empowering young professionals like myself and striving for a sustainable future.

I am currently part of the Commercial Leadership Program. It’s a 3-year rotation program that’s designed to give new grads 3 years of training in 3 different fields of business. It’s been 4 months with Schneider Electric and amount of support I’ve gotten from my manager and coworkers is incredible. I’ve learnt so much over these 4 months that it excites me for more coming my way.

I am currently part of the Competency Center for motor control centers (MCC) in Edmonton. I get to visit the manufacturing plant once a week to understand the working model and different components of MCCs. To be honest, I see myself going far with Schneider Electric. The company is giving me the foundation to learn, understand and apply to everything that I’ve been passionate about. My future goal is to be part of the environmental design teams at Schneider Electric to improve efficiency and optimize the processes to save the overall energy consumption.

My journey started with this passion and I’ll continue to work on it with a company that has an exact same vision as I do.

Be Bold and Go Green!

In conclusion, Go Green has been the most enriching experience of my life. I highly encourage students to take part in the Go Green. It is a great opportunity to develop skills like time management, technical report writing, team work and public speaking. And most importantly – being BOLD.

Often, we hesitate that our design ideas are not significant, I felt the same. My advice is to believe in yourself and have courage to present your BOLD idea. In my opinion Go Green is an incredible global platform for young aspiring students. They can showcase their bold ideas, network with experienced professionals and pursue their passions.

My biggest take away from the Go Green was to BE BOLD. DARE TO DISRUPT. BE INNOVATIVE and PURSUE YOUR PASSIONS. Today I’m proud to say my passion for working towards the betterment of our environment continues together with Schneider Electric.

So apply online at to kick start an amazing journey.