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• GE signed a Protocol of Cooperation with the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company, witnessed by H.E. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and H.E. French President François Hollande;

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Sungrow showcased its energy storage system solutions for residential, commercial, and utility-scale applications at Energy Storage Europe in Germany, one of the world’s largest tradeshows for the energy storage industry.

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Lumos Global, an off-grid solar firm operating in Nigeria, has announced $90 million in fundraising, the industry's largest ever investment.

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Will slapping an anti-dumping duty on solar modules and cells really help domestic manufacturers, asks M Ramesh

During the last months of the UPA government, the Directorate General of Anti-dumping (DGAD) of the Ministry of Commerce made a determination that Indian solar modules and cells...

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Energy saving certificates promise to enhance industry’s efficiency scenario

After carbon credits, it is energy-saving certificates (ESCerts) that are creating a buzz.

The country’s Perform, Achieve & Trade (PAT) Scheme is moving energy efficiency to the next level for industry, where...

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With majority of State governments not on-board the renewable energy bandwagon, industry faces a neither-here-nor-there situation, writes M Ramesh

If the new Power Minister, Raj Kumar Singh, had wanted to do something that would make the industry sit bolt upright and listen, he could not have...

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OSI Systems, Inc. announced that its Security division was awarded a contract valued at approximately $15 million to provide multiple cargo and vehicle inspection solutions, including OmniView® Gantry cargo inspection systems that utilize a combination of high-energy transmission and Z Backscatter® technology, Z Portal® passenger vehicle screening systems, and a Sentry® Portal cargo inspection system, as well as follow-on service and technical support. 

Read more: OSI Systems Awarded $15 Million Contract to Provide Cargo and Passenger Vehicle Screening Solutions
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