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The future, experts predict, lies in affordable battery technologies to backup renewable energy, writes V Rishi Kumar

The country’s power sector is in for a major transformation. The energy demand is much lower than the current installed capacity and the rapid growth of the renewable energy...

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Name of the Company: MYSUN (Registered as Eastern Light & Power Private Ltd.)

Set up in: September 2016

Based in: Delhi NCR

Founder: Gagan Vermani with co-founders Divyanshu Sachdev, Gyan Prakash Tiwari and Ashit Maru.

Funding received: Raised first funding of $2.5 million in 2016 from a...

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Does Donald Trump pulling out of the Paris Agreement really make a difference to the climate cause, asks M Ramesh

Anger and scorn continue to pour out of the universal consternation over US pulling out of the Paris Agreement, but is it such a great damage? Not really.

The over-hyped Paris...

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Biocrux’s new contraption helps manage dry waste where it is generated

Solid waste management poses a massive threat in India. Most of the agencies responsible for waste management are unable to provide proper systems, leading to collection and transportation becoming difficult and...

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Hitachi executes a three-year efficiency project

The country’s largest and most well known medical institution is in the process of turning green department by department.

The sprawling All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi promises to once again establish some of the best...

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A Plasma Gasification plant

A Plasma Gasification plant

Kankyo endeavors to be a one-stop shop for waste management

India generates about 62 million tonnes of municipal solid waste annually. Of the 43 million tonnes collected, only 11.9 million is treated while 31 million is dumped in landfill sites.

No wonder then,...

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